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Distribution of the Local Agenda 21 Summary Report

This is the summary report of the LA21 consultation that asked Southampton residents their concerns and aspirations for the future of Southampton. The report is available free (limited supply), contact Ashley Phillips on 02380 633009 if you would like some.


National Grid – H.E.L.L. On Earth

SSF won a National Grid award to work with EBD young people, (Emotional Behavioural Difficulties) working in an inspiring way to look at sustainability and solar energy. Ashley Phillips will work with the very interesting and inspiring Colin Jones, an ex CDT (Craft Design Technology) teacher with 35yrs experience, who has also had experience of working with EBD children. We will be working in partnership with the Compass Centre for excluded EBD children in April building solar powered boats.


Graffiti pilot project (Millbrook Arts Warehouse

This graffiti ‘action-research’ pilot project is supported by Southampton City Council Community Safety Team, Sparkling Southampton SCC, the Youth Service, SRB 6, the SSF, Beyond Graffiti (BG) and The Millbrook Youth Forum.


The project works to empower young people to look after the newly refurbished youth club.They will design a piece of graffiti with the SSF and BG that expresses what the club is for them. They will then be trained by Sparkling Southampton to use the environmentally friendly graffiti cleaning kits to police the building, keeping it clean of tags and other unwanted graffiti. The agreed piece of graffitti will be coated and protected. This project uses creativity as a means of educating and empowering young people, and reduces crime and disorder by working in partnership with youth agencies and young people to help them look after their own environment.


The Solar Club

The Solar Club is on hold for the time being. For those interested in getting help installing green energy technologies in their house, here is a new DTI grant scheme out called Clear Skies This allows individual house-holds and communities to apply for renewable grants (up to 2 different technology grants her household). This includes:


  • Small Wind Turbines from 0.5kWe up to 5kWe,(1k grant per kWe, max 5kWe)
  • Solar Thermal (water) 500 grant regardless of system size
  • Micro-Hydro, water (1k grant per kWe, max 5kWe)
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps, 1200 grant regardless of size of system,
  • Automated wood pellet stoves 600 grant regardless of size of system
  • Wood fuelled boiler systems 50 grant per kWth up to 30 kWth.


PV solar installation grants of up to 50% are available from the DTI as part of another grant scheme.


The one big exclusion for Clear Skies is DIY installation. This is in order to help stimulate a UK installer base for household renewables that is sustainable beyond the life of the Clear Skies programme. Individuals can apply to become accredited installers.


There is also a Community scheme which could include a project such as a solar street maximum 50% capital installation costs up to 100,000 on any technology (but there are some restrictions).


Southampton Food Network

The food poverty conference on January 14th in support of new Food Poverty Bill was a big success. The Southampton Food Network is a multi-agency venture with the Alan Whitehead office that put on a conference called ‘Food For All’. We looked at tackling food poverty, accessibility and affordability to healthy food in Southampton.


Healthy Schools

I support the healthy schools project by sitting on the operational group. I have recently provided them with a new environmental resource list with all the websites checked out for relevance and up-to-date links. I have also put together for the group a list of what each agency does and how we can support each school. We have choosen environment and eco -schools as our target area. This infoformation plus all the relevant web links will all be put on the Southampton Healthy Schools web site for easy access for teachers and pupils.


Thornhill NDC recycling project

I am working with the Living Environment leader at NDC, (Chris Davies from SCRATCH) and Southampton City Council to look at developing a recycling and re-training scheme and facility for the recycling of white goods. This will be based in Thornhill, and it is planned that the facility could service the whole of Southampton.


Sustainable Lifestyles Group Project

At the end of February, the SRB 6 board agreed to support a large holistic group project. SRB 6 has objectives and targets to ‘promote sustainable lifestyles’.


The SSF and the Environment Centre will work together to address the lack of awareness in sustainable lifestyles among pupils, residents and businesses in the Outer Shirley area. Some primary education and awareness will take place to show how being more sustainable can help them and the environment.


Here is a brief summary of the 6 projects:


1.The Shannon project will undertake a feasibility study with locals to examine the different options and cost implications of creating a unique environmental play area around Mansell Park, using high quality recycled materials.

2. The Down to Earth centre will work with the SSF to have solar P.V solar thermal and wind -renewable energy demonstration equipment installed at the Down to Earth centre

3.The SSF will run an action-research project looking at how creativity can be used to raise sustainability awareness and educate outside of school situations.

4.SIEnA and EEAC (the Energy Efficient Advice Centre) will work to improve the environmental performance of 6 schools in the area, working with staff and pupils.

5. SIEnA and EEAC will work with 30 businesses in the area to do an integrated energy, waste, water resource audit and energy saving study
6.The Energy Efficient Advice Centre team will run 5 road shows.


Other projects in development – watch this space…

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