Calculate your Personal Carbon Footprint Now


Your personal Carbon Footprint is a calculation of the carbon dioxide emitted as a result of your activities over the last 12 months. Carbon Footprints can be calculated for anyone or anything. We can calculate a Carbon Footprint for a journey, an event, a whole business or a city. In all cases we are aiming to gauge impact on the planet through global warming.

Your personal Carbon Footprint is divided into three main components that involve your use of fossil fuels and therefore your emissions of CO2:

a) home energy supply
b) travel
c) waste disposal

To demonstrate the process you can calculate your Carbon Footprint for last year by answering some simple questions. This will cost you nothing, will take only 5 minutes and you can do it right now.

This is only a demonstration but if used properly it can provide you with a good understanding of your impact on climate change. If you would like C LEVEL to calculate a Carbon Footprint for your company, or a more detailed Carbon Footprint for your home contact us on 0870 765 9891 or e mail [email protected]


A Carbon Footprint has 2 parts:

1. The primary footprint is a measure of the direct emissions of CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels;

2. The secondary footprint is a measure of the indirect CO2 emissions from the whole lifecycle of products we use – those associated with their manufacture and eventual breakdown.

For example, the primary Carbon Footprint associated with using a car is the actual fossil fuel use (petrol or diesel) and subsequent CO2 emissions from driving the car. We could also calculate the secondary footprint by calculating emissions resulting from the making and disposal of the car. Together these would be the total Carbon Footprint of using a car.

In this demonstration and in most of C LEVEL’s work we focus on the primary Carbon Footprint – the contribution to global warming for which you as an individual, business or organisation have direct responsibility. It also follows that you have direct control over your primary Carbon Footprint through the choices you make and the way in which you behave.

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