Green Energy


Green Energy: What can I do?

Buy Green Energy from your energy supplier. Most energy suppliers have a Green Energy Tariff. It sometimes costs slightly more, but it will boost the demand for renewable energy. If your supplier does not have a green energy tariff, switch to a supplier that does.


How can I switch to Green Energy

Here are two simple options:


1.Switch to Greenpeace and nPower’s “Juice” Green energy product.


Making the switch is simple. There is no disruption to supply and no need for additional pipes, wires and meters. Just visit the website and fill in the form at


2.Call unit[e] on 01249 705550.


Further Information

The Guardian Renewable Energy website
Friends of the Earth Green Energy League Table
Friends of the Earth Green Energy FAQ’s


Smart Thinking

Solar Century announces its new Solar Energy Export Reward (SEER). Customers who install a solar electric roof will be paid 10 times more than their utility would pay them for the clean power they supply to the grid. Most of us pay around 7 pence per unit (kilowatt-hour) for the electricity we buy. Nearly all of this is generated by polluting power stations that use fossil or nuclear fuels. Solar Century are offering to take over the Government’s role and make up the amount paid to customers to 35p per unit for the first three

years of the life of your solar electric roof.


Call the Future Energy hotline 0345 277 200 to get a leaflet and a list of accredited tariffs from other companies offering green energy tariffs.

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