Solar Club


1.    Introduction

A partnership initiative between Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Authorities, Southampton Sustainability Forum, Rainbow Solar Trading and the ‘community’ to reduce the cost to install Solar Water heating in households and community buildings.

The aims of a Solar Club are:

•    Not for profit training initiative to include ALL
•    To encourage householders/community groups and Local Authorities to use renewable energy
•    Make it as cheap as possible – Solar Club boasts £1,500 as opposed to £5-8k
•    Fulfills a social inclusion remit in that it offers a low cost peer-led alternative to fitting solar technology that is otherwise unobtainable.
•    Skills sharing and an opportunity to learn from each other.
•    To reduce CO2 emissions and help protect the environment.



Calculate your Personal Carbon Footprint Now


Your personal Carbon Footprint is a calculation of the carbon dioxide emitted as a result of your activities over the last 12 months. Carbon Footprints can be calculated for anyone or anything. We can calculate a Carbon Footprint for a journey, an event, a whole business or a city. In all cases we are aiming to gauge impact on the planet through global warming.


SSF Officer – Current Projects


Distribution of the Local Agenda 21 Summary Report

This is the summary report of the LA21 consultation that asked Southampton residents their concerns and aspirations for the future of Southampton. The report is available free (limited supply), contact Ashley Phillips on 02380 633009 if you would like some.


National Grid – H.E.L.L. On Earth

SSF won a National Grid award to work with EBD young people, (Emotional Behavioural Difficulties) working in an inspiring way to look at sustainability and solar energy. Ashley Phillips will work with the very interesting and inspiring Colin Jones, an ex CDT (Craft Design Technology) teacher with 35yrs experience, who has also had experience of working with EBD children. We will be working in partnership with the Compass Centre for excluded EBD children in April building solar powered boats.